Enter “1” as preferred date; please also provide a second and third choice in case facility not available for choice “1”.
Facilities are available Monday, Tuesday + Thursday starting at 8:30am.
Facilities are available Monday, Tuesday + Thursday until 4:00pm.
No announcement of meeting/classes held by members at the HBA Fox Cities office can imply that the meeting/class is “sponsored by”, “hosted by” or otherwise endorsed by HBA Fox Cities. The HBA Fox Cities office may be listed simply as the location of the event.
If yes, an Alcohol Liability Waiver will need to be signed.
HBAFC has a smart TV equipped with Chromecast and HDMI connection for PC and Mac computers.
Room Arrangements (for Large Conference Room only)
  • Hollow Square
    • Seats up to 20
  • U-Shape
    • Seats up to 16
  • Clusters
    • Seats 4-6 people per cluster; up to 6 clusters; an alternative to round tables)
  • Classroom
    • Seats up to 40
  • Theater
    • Seats up to 60
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