Member Connect is an online resource for members to communicate with one another regarding industry needs. 

  • Are you looking for a framer for an upcoming project? 
  • Did a week open in your schedule and you can take on a new job? 
  • Do you have clean fill that is available to give away? 

If so, Member Connect may be for you! To get started with this no-cost member benefit, watch the video below and follow the steps to contact fellow HBA Fox Cities members. 

  • Visit the Online Membership Directory at
  • Choose a category of members to contact
  • From the upper right hand directory menu select “Contact these Businesses”
  • Complete your contact information – this will be used for responses
  • Choose your contact preference (email or phone)
  • Complete the subject line indicating your reason for contact – ex: Framers Needed, Fill Available, etc.
  • Complete the message giving additional information of your needs
  • Choose members to send message from “available members”
  • If you’re not a robot, click the reCAPTCHA button
  • Click submit

Messages are reviewed by HBAFC staff prior to dissemination to members. If you clicked “Send me a carbon copy of the email”, you will receive a copy of the email.

All communication is subject to HBAFC’s acceptance. HBAFC reserves the right to reject messages that, in the opinion of HBAFC, does not conform to the standards of the indented use. All communication must be between current HBAFC members, and the message must only represent services directly affiliated with the HBAFC member company. Communication may not include: specific items for sale, general business promotion or solicitation, and/or other messaging that may be in conflict with HBAFC interests and activities. Communication may not disparage or defame any person, business, type of business, etc. Communication regarding open houses, events and other promotional opportunities are prohibited.*

Communication is for short-term, temporary work**. Through these communications, members cannot discuss commission rates, commission splits, competitive procedures, or improper concerted activity among competitors or any other subject tending to affect the price or terms and conditions of sales produced by members.

*To promote your event/open house, HBAFC offers the opportunity for a Member e-blast
**If you want to place a job posting for permanent employment, you can do so, here

Questions? Email

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