All registrations and sponsorships are subject to HBAFC’s acceptance. HBAFC reserves the right to reject or cancel sponsorships and registrations for any reason, including any sponsor or participant which, in the opinion of HBAFC, does not align with the organization or event. 

The sponsor must be clearly identified as the HBAFC member company that secured the sponsorship and must represent only products and services directly affiliated with the HBAFC member company that secured the sponsorship. No co-sponsoring or brokering allowed.

Events, products or services that are in conflict and/or in-competition with HBAFC interests and activities may not be promoted. Unless authorized by HBAFC, and in-relation to the fundraising mission of the event, no funds may be solicitated or exchanged by sponsors or participants.

While at the event, sponsors and participants may not disparage or defame any other business or businesses in general. 

HBAFC works to ensure accuracy of all promotion and shall not be liable for any damages, including consequential damages, if HBAFC fails to promote a participant/sponsor or promotes a participant/sponsor with errors or omissions.

Participation/sponsorship constitutes implied consent to be photographed and/or videoed and to have those photos or videos used for HBAFC promotional purposes. If you wish to opt out, please contact HBAFC prior to the event. 

Participants and sponsors agree to abide by facility rules/policies/code of conduct. Members and guests using offensive language, engaging in disorderly conduct, creating a disturbance or in any way causing physical or verbal harm, or damage to property may be asked the leave and/or escorted from the property. 

Anyone removed from the event/property will not receive a refund or be compensated in any way for his/her loss. Further, additional fees may be assessed as warranted. 

Any participant/sponsor who commits an egregious acts deemed detrimental to HBAFC, its members or the public may be prohibited from participation in future HBAFC events. Participant(s)/sponsor(s) who commit egregious acts may be subject to membership status/eligibility review by the HBAFC board of directors. 

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